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Do you Recognize Jesus?

Luke, the beloved physician, is the only disciple who recorded what happened on the road to Emmaus, after Jesus' crucifixion. Jesus had been dead three days but He had foretold His dicsiples of His resurrection, yet they were saddened by what had happened. Many of His disciples had gone underground or scattered for fear of being put to death, themselves. Two of His disciples were walking on the road to Emmaus when Jesus (unbeknown to them) approached and joined in conversation with them, but they didn't recognize them.

Perhaps it was becuase of their sorrow and grief or perhaps it was their fear of being persectued, but none-the-less, they didn't recognize the Lord of glory. They continued talking with Him as Jesus led them on in the conversation. Why does Jesus sometimes lead us on? I believe Jesus has a sense of humor, but I also believe that Jesus delights in taking opportunities to try us and prove us. God gets great glory when He does this.

After Jesus expounded the scriptures with them, they decided to turn in for the evning so they asked the "stranger" to come with them so they could refresh themselves and find rest for the night. Jesus pretended He wanted to go on His way, but they begged Him to stay with them overnight. It was not until Jesus took bread, blessed and broke it and gave some to them that they recognized Him. Amazing!

After spending three and a half years being taught by Him, being in close fellowship with him, eating drinking, and sleeping with Him, Jesus' disciples did not recognize Him. What is the significance of this?

This is symbolic of everyone who has ever received the Lord Jesus as their savior. Jesus had been talking to us for some time, but we didn't recognize who He was. Often we said, "something told me not to do that or something told me not to go there". That something was Jesus, but we didn't recognize Him. It was not until Jesus broke the bread of life (His word) to us, did we recognize Him. It is the same for everyone who was once a sinner but is now saved because he/she accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Until we received the Bread of Life, we too, didn't recognize Jesus. Psalm 119:130 states, "The entrance of thy word giveth light." Our eyes were opened and illuminated we we received the living Word of God, which is the Bread of life, which came down from heaven. (John 6:32-33)

The road to Emmaus is where we each individually met Jesus. It is the place where others will meet him too, and only after He blesses and breaks open the bread of life and gives it to them, will they be able to recognize Jesus. Have you encountered Jesus on the road to Emmaus yet? Do you now recognize Jesus?

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