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About Us

Walls of Fire Deliverance Ministry

was birthed through a call from the Lord during a 7-day fast. The Lord spoke, calling Evangelist Janet Gwyn to deliverance ministry, a higher realm in the Spirit. Walls of Fire Deliverance Ministry International is a deliverance ministry focuses primarily on deliverance from  sexual sin, which is prevalent among Believers.  This  ungodly behavior brings reproach upon the name of the Lord and great displeasure to The Almighty.  Jesus is coming back for a Holy Bride.  Evangelist Taylor teaches Believers how to get free and maintain their deliverance, as we  prepare for the return of Our soon coming King, Jesus Christ.  In 2005, God instructed Evangelist TGwyn to write the book, Sleeping With the Enemy.  To date, she has written and published four powerful SWTE books. Countless people have attended and been delivered in SWTE workshops.   The Lord ordained, chose, called, appointed, anointed, trained, and equipped  Evangelist Taylor  Gwyn for such a time as this.  She travels the globe to deliver this powerful end-time message  of holiness and sexual purity to the Body of Christ. God's people are being set free through this Scripture-based, Spirit-breathed teaching.   If you are in need of deliverance, be sure to attend the next SWTE workshop in your area!

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