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Sleeping With the Enemy

by Janet Taylor


"From the crack house to the streets as a local prostitute all the way to the pulpit...Evangelist Janet Taylor has been called to the Body of Christ for such a time as this." "Sleeping With The Enemy (2005) was written under the divine unction of the Holy Ghost and was completed in seven days. Discerning the time and realizing that it is almost midnight, Evangelist Taylor delivers an urgent message from God Himself. This book is an end-time message to the church regarding sexual immorality." ...A must read book for all who are struggling in their flesh with lust and other sexual sins...A perfect gift for someone who is striving to overcome the flesh...Great for Christian book clubs and book studies...You really need this book, so order it today!

Evangelist Janet Taylor "I Got Joy"

CD Single

I Got Joy-WBFJ radio Interview - Janet Taylor
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