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Sleeping With The Enemy, pt. 10

Have you ever had a sexual experience in your sleep? Did you simply dismiss it as a wet dream or did it seem more real than that? Did you feel somewhat dirty and like you'd had an actual sexual encounter with someone? Has this happend to you one time or has it happened frequently? Have you told anyone about it or have you been ashamed to divulge this to anyone? If you have experienced any of these phenomena, you are not alone.

Contrary to popular belief, there is not such thing as a wet dream. The Truth will make you free. This is an unclean spirit that is having sex with you. It may come invited or against your will. Incubus is a male demon that has sexual intercourse with sleeping women. Succubus is a female demon that has sex with sleeping men. The individual must have opened the door for this to happen. (Prov. 26:2)

Knowing the truth about sexual sin can be the first step in overcoming it. Too often the church has ignorantly tried to deal with things without knowing exactly how to. When Jesus cast the demons out of the lunatic man who was casting himself against the rocks, Jesus asked that demon what was its name. The demon responded “Legion”, which meant they were many.

If we, as Christians, do not get all the information about a sin, we will not be able to get to the root of the problem. Although we may experience some amount of temporary relief, we must remember that Satan runs “to and fro” in the earth, seeking whom he may devour. The Bible also tells us that even after Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness for forty days, he left for a season.

According to Webster’s dictionary Incubus “in folklore, is a male demon that has sexual intercourse with sleeping women, or a demon that causes nightmares. Succubus, its his counterpart, is a female demon that has sexual intercourse with sleeping men, or is any demon or evil spirit.” The first time I ever read any teaching on this was in an article by Kim Daniels that I read in Charisma Magazine. (March 2005) I was so shocked, I went straight to the dictionary and it was there, plain as day. Why has the church been ignorant and silent on this? The Bible says that children of the world are wiser than the children of Light.

I received a call from a friend of mine who is a pastor of a church in New York. He called me and asked me to speak with one of his members because she was being violated by demons in her sleep at night. I waited a few days until I heard from God, then I called the young lady whom I will call Anna*.

Anna is a 19-year old Christian. The enemy, was coming to her at night having sex with her (against her will), and was tormenting her. She wept profusely over this and was so afraid because she didn’t understand how this could be happening since she was a Christian. The first thing I asked her was if she was a virgin? Her reply was yes.

Then I begin to ask her what she watched on television. She explained that she didn’t watch TV alot because she works. Next, I asked her about her upbringing and asked had she ever been raped, molested or sexually violated in any way. She said when she was three or four she was raped by one of her uncles. She said could barely remember it, but she knew it had happened. I asked her had she forgiven them and she said yes. (Unforgiveness is major doorway through which demonic spirits can enter our lives.)

I asked her was she willing to go on a three day fast to arrest this demon and she said yes. Anna was desperate and would do anything to make the demons leave. I instructed her to command the demons to come out and never return to her again. (I learned this is a very important step, if left out, can cause the demons to return at a later time.) I called her a week later to see how she was doing and she said the demons had revisited her but didn’t have sex with her. Instead, she said they laughed at her. I instructed her to repeat these steps until she was completely delivered.

Sometime later I called New York to speak with the pastor’s wife and asked about Anna. Her response was, “Which Anna? We have two. Are you talking about the one from India?” I gasped and immediately knew how and why this demon had entered Anna. Ana was from a country that practices Hinduism, which worships 330, 000, 000 gods. Ana had to be delivered from any different spirits she had inherited because of her family's religious practices.

Satan is the father of lies and a master of deception. His intention is to leave the saint for a while to make them feel relaxed and comfortable, only to pounce on them with full force when he returns. The church must awake out of its slumber!!! We must get rid of the sexual sins that are plaguing the church, once and for all!!!. Jesus is soon to return, not for a bride whose garment is filthy and stained by sin, but only for a pure and spotless bride. His bride must prepare herself for the coming of the King. It’s time to get God’s house in order.

The church has for too long taken the wrong approach in dealing with sexual sins. We have dealt with them as individual sins and as isolated occurrences. Sexual sin needs to be dealt with collectively and corporately in the Body of Christ, because for every occurrence, there is an unclean spirit attached to it that the enemy can unleash into our congregations.

For example, if a leader of the church is overtaken in adultery, the whole church needs to be informed to pray for that individual. Then, the entire church needs to pray against the spirit of adultery so that it will not be released into the church. Too often the church takes these things for granted believing that once the individual has been dealt with, there is nothing more that needs to be done. The devil has had a field day with this lackadaisical attitude. We need to do this regarding any sin in the church.

Sadly, in many churches today, the sin is excused and the individual remains in his/her position. This is totally out of order, because just as we do not eat or drink out of dirty utensils, neither will God’s Holy spirit flow through dirty vessels, thus diluting the power of God and hindering the move of the Holy Spirit in the church today.

Many churches today refute this type of teaching saying “We are called to study the Bible, not the devil”. While this is true, we as Christians must learn the devil’s devices and methods. In most cases, Satan uses the same old tricks to trap the saints of God. However, because we don’t do an indepth study of what happens, we do not learn from our past mistakes. Nor do we seek the Lord as we ought to, to find out what went wrong.

In Proverbs, chapter 7, we see an illustration of Solomon telling his son to seek wisdom and call her his sister, his kinsman, so that she would keep him from the “strange woman”. He goes on to tell a story which I will paraphrase to make my case in point.

Can you imagine getting ready to get into bed, pulling back the covers, and underneath lay a hideous monster, covered with filth and slime, having long talon-like claws, with brown and green teeth? Did you know that every time you engage in sexual sin that you are engaging in sex with the devil, himself? Fornication, which is illegal sexual intercourse, opens the door for the devil to become sexual partners with you. In most cases, the sensations from illicit sex are far more intense than normal sex in marriage because it is demon-induced. Fornication invites Satan into your life and body because it is a sin against God. That is why it is so hard to break free from the bondage of sexual sin, even when you are no longer attracted to the person. The sex is demon-induced, which is why prostitutes and “tricks” can have sexual relations without intimacy.

I have a very good friend from Liberia who is also a Christian. She and I were talking one day and we got on the subject of demons having sex with people. Betty* told me about two of her friends that were experiencing this.

The first woman was named Mary* who boasted about demons having sex with her every time she gets pregnant. She is married to a pastor who is involved in sexual sins for molesting his grandchildren. He is also practicing homosexuality. Mary claims these demons are just helping her husband out. Mary is totally in clueless about the grave danger she faces in doing this.

Betty also told me about her friend named Michelle* who lives in Atlanta. This young lady kept asking Betty did she have a boyfriend. Although Betty wondered why, she kept telling Michelle no. Then Michelle told her that every night “something” comes in and has sex with her. She claimed that the only time this unseen thing doesn’t come is when she leaves the light on. Michelle added that every morning when she awakes her panties were on the floor beside the bed.

Michelle had an elderly women living with her whom she was taking care of. She boasted to Betty that after the demon had sex with her, it went upstairs and had sex with the old woman too. The old woman eventually died.

Betty said she knew this girl was into witchcraft, but it was confirmed when she told her that she makes no major decisions until she talks to her brother. When Betty asked her where her brother was, Michelle replied her brother was dead. Betty told Michelle to get away from her and never come near her again if she was going to continue this ungodly practice.

There are several doorways that the enemy can use to enter a person’s life. The main three are inheritance, curiosity, and through a seed that has been planted. Things like R-rated, X-rated movies and ungodly music are doorways Satan often enters through. As a schoolteacher, I am seeing a great deal of sexual promiscuity among young people who are listening to today’s seductive music. This is one of the main reasons illicit sex has escalated in the past few years.

God taught me how lust was the doorway, through which I had always fallen into bondage. I often thought I was in love with a man, only to learn that I was 'in lust" with him. It was his flesh that I was attracted to. In some cases I let off a scent of lust, that the guy quickly followed. In general, I had nothing in common with the guy, and often disliked him except for the way he made my flesh feel. The flesh is deceitful, greedy, and can never be satisfied. I went from one lover to the next looking for the same thing: sexual gratification. Lust is the “I must have it at once” attitude. It extends to more than sex. The Children of Israel lusted after meat when they got tired of eating the manna from heaven. God gave them quail and they ate it till they burst open.

Tongue kissing can also open a doorway to sexual sin. Once you yield to lust, instantly you become a bond-slave to it. Tongue kissing is a stimulant to sex. Satisfying lust will produce sluggishness/tiredness/slothfulness, sexual enslavement, broken spiritual peace or tranquility, shame and disobedience to God. CHRISTIANS MUST YIELD TO JESUS, THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN BREAK THE POWER OF BONDAGE. YIELDING TO JESUS WILL BREAK EVERY FORM OF SLAVERY.

Rap music is another doorwaythat the enemy enters. Church, there is no such thing as gospel rap. It is either gospel music or its rap, but it cannot be both. Many churches are bringing this music into the church today as a means to draw young people. If the Spirit of the Lord doesn’t draw them and the blood of Jesus doesn’t cleanse and save them, then rap music certainly can’t. Louis Farrakhan also called rap music, the devil’s music.

Lyrics to R&B songs are now more sexually explicit than ever before. Children as young as two or three quickly memorize the words and before long they are imprinted in their little minds. One day I was sitting on my fron porch and I heard a rap song, blasting from a car passing by. I could not believe what I was hearing. The rap artist was yelling “Suck my #%$&#@%“. I was appalled because any kid playing in the neighborhood could’ve heard that filth. Even though we live in this wicked world, we as Christians are called to be different. Even though this music is pumped into the youth of today, we must remember that we are The Church, God’s called out assembly. The Apostle Paul spoke explicitly and emphatically concerning Christian conduct in Romans 12:1-2. “I beseech ye therefore brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. Paul commands The Body of Christ to be different by adding “Be not conformed to the world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.”

By allowing rap music into our churches, it releases a spirit of the flesh. The spirit man is not edified nor is God glorified. I have never witnessed anyone get saved or convicted of sin through listening to “gospel rap.” One time I saw a mega-church on television teaching on hip-hop. The adults were dressed in the hip-hop garb while a rap group entertained them. God never called us to entertain one another, but to worship and glorify Him. Rap music does neither. We have been sleeping with the enemy.


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