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Sleeping With the Enemy, pt. 8

The name Delilah means to “suck and sap the life out of”, which is exactly what she did to Sampson, both naturally and spiritually. Delilah seduced Sampson both spiritually and naturally. She used her body to break him down physically, but she also seduced him spiritually into telling her all his secrets. Delilah used all her sexual prowess to tempt, lure, entice, seduce, trap and eventually devour this mighty man of God. Beware, this same python spirit operates today and if given the opportunity, will do the same thing to you.

This sexual demon is known as the spirit of python. It sucks, squeezes, and suffocates the life (spirit) out of it’s victim. It slowly kills and then devours its victim. The Church is being squeezed and suffocated because the spirit of python is sucking the life (Holy Spirit) out of Her through the sin of sexual immorality. The spirit of python led to Samson's demise.

The python spirit is the spirit of control. People who want to manipulate others to control the church are being used by the python spirit. "Python" is a strong spirit that will work slowly and patiently to get its victim. It will use whatever it takes to gain control over others, but it will not submit or be controlled by anyone.

Satan tries to pervert the Word - Matt 4:-11

Satan tried to tempt Jesus by perverting or twisting the word of God. Perversion is also diverting from the true intent or object. Satan, the "twisted" one, perverts the word of God by twisting it. Believers who don't study the Bible end up consuming the false teaching/doctrine that is being preached today.

Perversion is also any sexual behavior or desire that is considered abnormal, unacceptable, obsessive, or repulsive. Oral sex and anal sex is perversion because it's a twisted deviation from God’s original intent for sexual intercourse. God never intended for mankind to engage in oral or anal sex because it is unclean. Once again, the serpent, (Satan, a twisted being) has twisted what God said and designed to be beautiful and wholesome intimacy between a husband and wife, which is God’s original intent for sexual intercourse. After Satan decieves Christians into believing that they can engage in oral or anal sex, he slithers away on to the next victim. Perversion is the spirit that is destroying many Christian marriages today.

A few years back, a well-known, prominent pastor died. He was found in an unmarked hotel with a white powdery substance in his pocket. It was a terrible tragedy and shock to the Christian community because as a young charismatic pastor, he headed a thriving mega Church. His death sent shockwaves throughout the Body of Christ, here and abroad. In the end a lot of terrible secrets about this young, fiery preacher were revealed. He preached to the nations, but died in sin.

The day he died, I was on a seven day fast and the Lord showed me something so horrifc that it literally terrified me. I dreamed that I saw this man of God in a swimming pool playing with a ball. I was not in the pool but watched him from the bleachers. His back was toward me but I recognized who he was.

As he frolicked in the water, I saw in the distant corner of the pool, a long, skinny, red snake emerge, that was swimming towards him. I yelled to him, "There's a snake in the pool!" Instead of the man of God getting out of the pool, he ran towards the snake, as if he could "handle" it, but the moment he made contact with the long skinny red snake, it transformed into a huge python with a cobra's head. The pastor fought aggressively for a time, as he wrestled with the cobra-headed python. I watched it, from the bleachers, in what seemed like slow motion. The pastor thought he could somehow overpower the big snake. Finally, the python became angry and its cobra head swelled up to expose its long fangs. With one vicious blow the python/cobra sunk its fangs violentlydeep into the upper back torso of the man. As I looked in horror, I knew it was too late and the snake had gotten him, but the pastor shook himself as if he could shake off the deadly bites. It was too late because the poisonous venom had gotten into his bloodstream and the man of God finally succombed in defeat. When I woke up I knew instantly what two ruling spirits were that had killed this young pastor. It was the spirit of python that the man wrestled against, but it was the deadly demonic spirit of drug addcition tht killed him. This is the spirit of pharmakeia, which is the use of medicine, drugs or spells. Pharmakeia is also used by those involved in sorcery. Sexual sin and drugs go hand in hand, but any act of sexual sin is rebellion against God.


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