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Sleeping With the Enemy, pt. 4

Some Believers do not believe that the negative things that happen to us on a daily basis are from the enemy. Others are naive, and don't think we need to learn anything about the enemy. This type of thinking is exactly what the enemy wants. He likes Christian to be ignorant of him and his devices, so he can advance in his onslaughts against us. Make no mistake about it saints of God, we have an enemy, his name is Satan, and he wants to destroy us. Despite foolish desires to learn or know nothing about him, he knows a great deal about us. You can never defeat your opponent if you know nothing about him. We must study the enemy to defeat him. Pay attention to this.

Enemy: One who harbors hatred or malicious intent toward another; one who opposes or works actively against a person or cause; adversary or foe; a hostile power or a military force. The word enemy is in the Bible 108 times.

Recognizing the enemy’s characteristics:

  1. Liar (Deceitful)

  2. Subtle and sneaky

  3. Attractive and appealing

  4. Tempting, enticing and seductive (lures)

Three Types of Sin

  1. Lust of the flesh

  2. Lust of the eyes

  3. Pride of Life

Satan is the enemy of the Believer’s soul. The reason Satan hates us is because of the place that he once occupied, a place around the throne of God, that he was cast down from with a third of his cohorts, who are now demons. Satan, the prince of the atmosphere, is jealous of the Believer because he knows that he can never return to Heaven, and he is destined for the Lake of Fire. We, as Believers have been given the privilege of spending eternity in Heaven with God through the shed Blood of the Lord Jesus. Make no mistake about it, Satan hates you, if you are a Born-Again Believer.

3 Major Sins of Our Time

  1. Idolatry- Worshiping anyone/anything other than God

  2. Sexual-includes lust and all sexual sin

  3. Murder-includes abortion, killing of the unborn

Satan has turned up the heat. He is using sex, money and music to infiltrate the church and entrap Believers.

God’s Perspective

We’ve got to learn how to see sin from God’s perspective. In short, sin is nothing but selfishness. Sin screams, “I want it.” According to the Word, sin is death. Sin brings death and it causes death, both naturally and spiritually. Sin will separate the Believer from God, but the Enemy is still whispering the same lie into man’s ear. “Hath God said….” To be separated from God is death. “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” Ezekiel 18:4, 20 (Ps. 51:4, Gen 39:9, Josh 7:21)

Rom. 8:13 says “If ye live after the flesh, ye shall DIE.” “The wages of sin is death.” Rom. 6:23 SIN IS DEATH! Sin will ALWAYS result in death, either the death of the guilty sinner of the death of an innocent substitute! Christ has already paid the penalty for sin, so there is no more sacrifice for sin!!!

When God sees sexual sin, He sees it as rotting and putrefying flesh and death. Sexual sin is the only sin that a man commits against his own body. (See 1 Cor. 6:18) The Lord does not take sexual immorality lightly amongst Believers. Sexual sin must be punished and the penalty for sin is always death. (see Lev. 20:10-16)

Sexual sin is closely associated with worshiping idols. In ancient times, nations that were known for worshiping idols were heavily involved in sexual sin. Many worshiped these idols because they believed they had power to produce fertility. Asherah, (Ezekiel 8:5) was a sex goddess, whom women worshipped because they believed she could give them the power to conceive.

The Midianites religious practices also included sexual orgies, and temple prostitution. They worshipped Baal Peor, a false god that reversed the order of God to the worship of women. Women played the dominant role in sexual rituals, using their bodies to weaken men and render them powerless. Men came into submission to the women through oral sex. Baal Peor means “Lord of the opening” which refers to the vagina.

The women positioned themselves above the man and the man was underneath her with his mouth towards her vagina. This led to the exaltation and masculinization of a woman. Oral sex and lesbianism originated from this. Women used this sex to dominate men and usurp authority over them. See Number 31:16 (I believe this is how Delilah rendered Sampson completely powerless.)

Strip clubs are the modern day temples of Baal. The stripper dances on a pole which symbolizes the penis. The Midianite women erected poles with their idol on the pole and danced sensuously around it. Today’s stripper represents the temple prostitute.

Lil’ Kim has a video that YouTube will not play called “How Many Licks” where men are in prison and the sex slaves of women. She calls herself Candy Kim and she entices men to lick her. In the video, the woman is the aggressor. FloRider has a song that says, “you make my head go round, round, round, as you go low down, down, down.” In the video FloRider demonstrates pushing a woman’s head down to his groin area.

In Ezekiel 8, the women worshipped and wept for the Assyrian god Tammuz, as part of their fertility cults. God’s people were forbidden to abstain from these heathenistic practices. (Deut. 7:3)

Sexual sin renders the Believer completely unusable to God. (See 2 Sam. Ch. 11 & 12:1-18) David was anointed by God with several gifts. He was anointed for war. He was anointed to take down the enemies of God. He was anointed to be King and he was an anointed musician. David’s sin separated him from God because God didn’t speak to David for one whole year after he sinned with Bathsheba. Sexual sin can cause God to shut the door on you. In the beginning David experienced spiritual death by being separated from God, but in the end it led to the natural death of his newborn baby. David’s sin caused the death of his child. (God don’t use unclean vessels, just as we don’t cook in dirty pots.)

Sampson engaged in sexual sin with Delilah by fornicating with her. “And she made him sleep on her knees.” (Jud. 16:19) Delilah rendered Sampson completed helpless. Sampson had a special anointing from God to be a Nazarite. He was anointed by God to be a mighty warrior for God to destroy the enemies of God. He was also anointed to be the last judge of Israel, but Sampson had not surrendered and committed his flesh to God. Sampson fell very short of God’s Holy standards by marrying a Philistine woman, consorting with a prostitute in Gaza and finally shacking-up and fornicating with Delilah. The name Delilah means to “suck and sap the life out of”, which is exactly what she did, naturally and spiritually. Delilah seduced Sampson both spiritually and naturally. She used her body to break him down physically, but she also seduced him spiritually into telling her all his secrets. Delilah employed all her sexual power and skills to lure, entice, trap and devour this mighty man of God. Beware, this same spirit still operates today and if given the opportunity, she will do the same thing to you.

This sexual demon is known as the spirit of python that squeezes and suffocates the life (spirit) out of it’s victim. It slowly kills and then devours its victim. The Church is being squeezed and suffocated because the spirit of python is sucking the life (Holy Spirit) out of Her through the sin of sexual immorality.

Delilah sucked the life out of Sampson and rendered him completely powerless so that when the Philistines came upon him, they were able to bind him in chains and put out his eyes. To be bound in chains symbolized bondage (made a slave) and to put out one’s eyes, means that the Light had been taken away, which means God had departed from him. (Spirit of Ichabod) When these two things happened to Sampson, death was inevitable. How can the Believer live without the Light? (When a man ejaculates during sex strength goes out of him and he is rendered weak and lifeless for a short time. Delilah used oral sex to suck the life out of Sampson.)

Sampson and David were playing with fire and they both got burnt. To the Believer who is dabbling in sexual sin, you are playing with fire. Believers cannot afford to play with fire. Sexual sin is fire and the Bible says, “Can a man take fire into his bosom and his clothes not be burned? Can one go upon hot coals and his feet not be burned? (Prov. 6:27-28)

Proverbs 6:20-35 is a warning against adultery, to the Body of Christ. The entire chapter 7 of Proverbs is a warning to the Church against taking up with a harlot or whore. “Her house is the way of hell, going down to the chambers of death.” (Prov. 7:27) Sexual sin is a highway that leads to death, hell and the grave. (See Prov. 9:13-18) Christians are to travel on the highway of holiness. (See Isaiah 35:8)

The flesh represents the world. The Believer lives in the world, but has been taken out of the world, through faith in the atonement of the shed Blood of Jesus. The flesh and the Spirit are at war perpetually. They are enemies of one another. The carnal mind (flesh) is at enmity with God. (See Rom. 8:5-14)

Not everyone who "claims" to be a Christian really is. Rom. 9:8 states “They which are the children of the flesh are not the children of God.”

If you feed the flesh, carnal and worldly food, the flesh will win the war, but if you feed your spirit man, the word of God which is our daily bread (spiritual food) the spirit will win. It’s like having two pit bulls of equal size, age and stature in a fence and they get into a fight. Which of these vicious animals will win? The one you feed.

Sleeping with the enemy is a dangerous game and can be fatal. It's like playing Russian Roulette, knowing a bullet's in the chamber. It's foolish to play around with sexual sin. Everyone knows it's foolish to play with a poisonous snake because eventually it will bite you. Stay tuned for part 5


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