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I Believe God!

When Moses died, God raised up Joshua to be his successor. God spoke to Joshua in a way that would encourage him regarding the plans God had for the children of Israel. God intended to do great things for Israel because She was the "apple of God's eye". They were God's chosen people, so God wanted to bless them.

God made some very specific promises to Joshua about Israel's future and the land He wanted to give them for their inheritance. In order for them to obtain their promised land; however, they had to believe God. "The just shall live by faith" (Hebrews 10:38)

The Children of Israel didn't obtain all that God had promised them because they didn'tput their full faith in God, They didn't trust and obey God, nor did they follow His instructions. On several occasions, their unbelif prevented them from inheriting their promised land. After all they had witnessed God do for them, Israel still didn't trust God. God had demonstrated His love for them and His mighty power on numerous times, but they still walked in unbelief. Israel hadn't learned to "walk by faith and not by sight." (2 Cor. 5:7)

We're just like Israel because after all God has done for us, we still want to "see" something before we will obey God. We hestitate and often fail to move at God's instructions to us. We don't move out in faith because we have become too accustomed to the world's way of doing things. We let "common sense" keep us locked into certain ways of doing things. While commons sense can be healthy, it often keeps us from obtaining what God has for us, because it is the number one enemy to faith in the word of God.

We often fail to move to a new place or job unless we've got all our ducks lined up in a row. We won't quit what we're currently doing when God tells us to, unless we can "see" that where God is taking us to is better. We ask God for things but when He doesn't come through for us right away, we go and get it ourselves using credit cards and other worldly means that enslave us. We won't wait and depend on God for answers to our prayers, so we remain independent. We've forgotten that God says, "Be anxious for nothing." (Phil. 4:6) Simply put, we don't trust God.

In 2016, changes must be made. For me, I believe God, so I am going to demonstrate that by paying off old debts and refusing to get anything on credit again. I am going to fast and pray and ask the Lord for what I need and want. Then I am going to wait for His answer. I will no longer behave independently of God. I belong to God because He redeemed me with the precious blood of His Son, Jesus. I am not my own and I will not act as such. Every promise that God has made to me, I am going to pray it through and then patiently wait on God. I believe God.

Has God made you any promise that you've been waiting for the fulfillment of for a long time? Are you still trusting and believing Him for your promise or have you found another way to get what you want because you got tired of waiting? Have you done like Abraham and Sarah or are you still patiently waiting in faith? Do you believe God? I believe God.

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