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Joy to the World, I Got Joy!

Before I became a Christian, I sang "Joy to the World" as a mere Christmas song. I sung it only during the holiday season. I did this ignorantly (like many others) because I didn't have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, my Savior. I had not repented of my many sins, nor I had asked the Lord to forgive me. I just sang along with everyone else because I didn't quite understand how God sending His only begotten Son to be born in a lowly manger would have anything to do with me. I didn't know that when God sent Jesus, the Messiah to save us from our sins, how it would one day impact my life. I also didn't know that Jesus would indeed redeem me from the slaveblock of sin and that this free and indescribable gift would one day be mine forever.

To be honest, even though I was sometimes happy about the Christmas season and the gifts I received, I didn't really have joy. I later learned that gifts produce only temporary happiness, but real joy is everlasting and comes only from knowing Jesus. Now that I'm born-again and Spirit-filled, I have joy. Real joy. Not a feeling that is based on my condition or situation. I got joy! Jesus Joy! because "the joy of the Lord is my strength. (Nehemiah 8:10) I got joy and this joy that I have, the world didn't give it to me and the world can't take it away. I Got Joy!!! May you receive the joy of knowing Jesus now. Cut and paste the link below to your browser to watch my "I Got Joy" video. Enjoy!

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