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The clock is ticking...

In 2003, The Lord showed me the fate of the United States in a dream. I saw a small Cessna plane that was painted as the Stars and Stripes at an airshow. The tiny plane was doing all sorts of special maneuvers, dives, flips and such. People were sitting in bleachers watching when all of a sudden the plane went out of control and began spiraling downward. The people watched intently. I was a distance away, but I heard when the plane crashed, so I took off running in that direction. Sure enough the plane had crashed. I ran in utter disbelief because the Stars and Stripes plane was the star of the airshow and had crashed unexpectedly. The people who had been watching, all got up and walked away silently to their cars, without any emotion whatsoever, over what had just happened. As a matter of fact, it appeared that the crash was what they had come to see, and they were now content to leave since it had already occurred. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I wanted to run to the plane to see if there were any survivors, but the plane was ablaze. I woke up. I knew immediately that the plane represented the USA and it had suddenly and unexpectedly come crashing down. I also knew that there was a group of people who wanted to see this and had waited patiently to witness it.

In 2006, I heard the voice of the Lord say, "I have accelerated time."

On 11/9/15, I dreamed of a digital clock that displayed only minutes and no hours. The clock displayed :22, which represents only 22 minutes. Time is short.

A few years ago, I had another dream where I went into a store and bought a watch. I forget to set it in the store so when I left the store, I asked a woman who was passing by "Miss, can you tell me what time it is?" She replied, "All I know is that it is something after 7." I told her I had just bought a watch and was trying to set it, but she responded, "Nobody knows the time." I woke up shocked.

In another dream last week a group of Black people were gathered outdoors, were I was. I told the people that I should preach to them and tell them about Jesus since they were gathering outdoors. The minute I said this a group of wealthy White women suddenly appeared out of nowhere with Christmas presents along with a man dressed up as Santa Clause. The children and the people all ran after them into a building. I said, "Y'all don't want to hear about Jesus, but would rather run after some gifts and Santa Clause, who is fake." Everyone left me to go after the presents and Santa Clause. They didn't want to hear about Jesus. I woke up and knew immediately the revelation of this dream. Many people have rejected Jesus and only want Santa Clause and gfts and toys. Well-meaning wealthy Whites have given Black families and children countless gifts and toys, but have failed to tell them the true meaning of Christmas and now our people only want gifts and toys. Nobody wants to hear about the birth of Jesus,which is God's gift to the world. Jesu is the gift that keeps on giving. Churches make a terrible mistake of giving gifts and toys to the poor, without telling them about Jesus. There are many churches that also embrace the Santa Clause lie and are still presenting him to the children along with Jesus. This is a downright travesty and total dishonor to God, who gave HIS only begotten Son.

On 11/26/15, The Lord spoke to me early Thanksgiving morning saying "Lamentations two and three." I read these scriptures and wept profusely. (See blog posted 11/27)

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