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"Do you see, what I see?"

Lamentations 2 and 3 is filled with imagery. I see a vivid picture of the destruction that God pronounced would come upon Jerusalem. I see the tears running down the Prophet Jeremiah's face like rivers in the street. I see the children languishing in the streets because of the severe famine. I hear their hungry cries for food as they look into the sad faces of their mothers. I see the mothers lamenting for the children they were forced to eat to survive. I see the fierce anger upon God's face as he cut off the leadership of Israel. I see the daughters of Zion mourning and lamenting. I see the destruction of the house of God and her torn down walls. I see the gates of the city that once fortitude the holy city now torn off. I see the elders sitting upon the earth in sackcloth putting dust on their heads, exhibiting their great grief and pain. I see the priests and prophets being banished and swallowed up because of the lies they preached, giving the people of God false hope. I see the destruction of Jerusalem, the holy city that prided themselves in their beauty. I see the holy city Jerusalem surrounded by her enemies. I also see the swift terror of their enemies as they swoop down upon them, leaving Zion in utter destruction. I hear the screams and bitter wailing of Jerusalem because in a single moment, the lavish life as she once knew, is gone. It was no more and so was the mercy and pity of God. America's filthiness is as a menstruous woman and like Zion our wickedness has come up before God. I see lamentation and mourning for America because we also have sinned and grievously rebelled against God. "There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth." This is the beginning of sorrows. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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