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"Do you hear, what I hear?"

Several years ago the Lord began revealing special things to me in dreams and visions. I've also heard the voice of the Lord say very specific things to me about hings that would happen,asnd they have come to pass. Many of the things God showed me, I didn't want to hear, so lke Mary, the mother of Jesus, I simply pondered them in my heart because I didn't quite understand them , so I waited for the revelation to come from God. Other dreams I understood immediately, but remained quiet because I was leary of who I could share these things with. Up until now, I simply recorded these things, sharing with only a few friends as time went on. However on yesterday, the Lord spoke something to me that caused me to know and understand several other things that the Lord has been trying to reveal to me. Yesterday morning, was Thanksgiving day, and as I lay awake in bed, I heard the voice of the Lord speak very clearly to me, "Lamentations two and three." I said, "No!" Then I got up and got my Bible and began reading God's word. I knew intuitively that God wanted me to read chapters two and three of the book of Lamentations, so I did. I also knew this book was written by the Prophet Jeremiah, also known as "The Weeping Prophet." As I began reading the judments God pronounced on Israel, I too began to weep bitterly. At one point, I cried dout to God "Lord have mery!" yet, I continued reading. The more I read, the more I cried. Finally, in desperation I cried, "Lord this is Thanksgiving day!" Later, I felt ashamed for saying such a thing to God because I knew He already knew what day it was. I felt like Abraham who was trying to negotiate with God for the souls of the people. You see, although the judgment I was reading in the word was pronounced against Israel, I felt in my heart thathe Lord was speaking to me about the United States, particularly the Church because for some time now, I too, have been grieved with what is going on and even being preached in the American church. I knew this word I was reading is God's indictment against the priests (pastors and preachers) and the prophets who have preached and proclaimed false messages, deceiving many in the name of the Lord. I also know that God is greatly displeased with the sexual sin that is prevalent amongst Believers. I also see the wickedness that is taking place in the house of God and anguish at how we have become distracted by the "prospertity" preachers and the spirit of entertainment, which has crept into the church profaning God's holy sanctuary and name. As God's heart is broken, mine is too. Yesterday, I decided to do something and vowed to the Lord, that I would create a blog to proclaim what He is saying, without any fear of man. It is better to obey God than to fear man.

In this blog, I'm going to share many of the dreams and vision that the Lord has shared with me. I will have to go back in time, to bring you up to date, but know this, WHATEVER God speaks, is what I am going to write in this blog and I don't care who likes it or not. It's not about me, but all for the glory of God. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Forever. Amen

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