Walls of Fire Deliverance Ministry - "I will be unto her, a wall of fire round about."  Zech.2:5
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From the crack house and the streets as a local prostitute, God has raised up a mighty voice in   Evangelist Janet Taylor, who has been called to the Kingdom by God for such a time as this.  Her assignment is to preach and teach God's people how to live Holy and how to present our bodies to God as a living sacrifice.  She preaches and teaches Believers how to overcome the sexual sins that are plaguing the Body of Christ today, which is causing God's glory to be absent from our  lives, homes, and churches.  
"Because it is obvious that this is the 11th hour and The Lord Jesus is soon to return, my assignment is to sound the alarm, because it is time to clean up God's house."
Evangelist Taylor's testimony was featured on the 700 Club.   Click on the link provided below.  http://www.cbn.com/tv/1327936628001
Evangelist Taylor's story has also been published in several Christian magazines.  She has been featured in Today's Christian Woman magazine, SAVED magazine, Spirit-Led Woman,  and Decision Magazine.  God has opened doors for this humble woman of God to minister in Antigua, Barbados, Canada, Israel, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos Islands and throughout the United States.
"Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried, but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand."  Daniel 12:10
Walls of Fire Deliverance Ministry International is a deliverance ministry.  We pray that you are blessed by our website and that you will give WOFDMI the opportunity to minister to your spiritual needs. Our deliverance ministry team is committed to meeting your spiritual needs.  Evangelist Taylor is available for ministry assignments.   See contact information below:
Walls of Fire Deliverance Ministry International
651 Mulberry Street, #C
Winston-Salem, NC  27101
(336) 575-0206
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