January 19, 2016

The church has been sleeping with the enemy.  The Lord is not pleased because we have been in bed with what is know as "strange bedfellows".  We have been listening to the voice of, what the Bible calls the "strange woman".  Instead of listening solely to the voice of...

January 17, 2016

Have you ever wondered why it was so hard to break up with certain people, although you really knew they were not good for you?  Did you know that the reason it was so hard to break free from them is because a soul-tie was made?  Do you know that with every person...

December 4, 2015


Today I had an another unusual, but awesome dream in which I saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky, followed by a torrential downpour.  I started running around in the rain, saturating myself in it as I cried and screamed with delight "Jesus is coming!"  I repeated this...

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July 13, 2016

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April 17, 2016

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